Monday, April 29, 2019


Three years ago we welcomed our dog Livvy into our home. We got her from the shelter and were told her name was Lovey. She was overweight, low energy and a much bigger dog than we had planned on getting. We decided we wanted to change her name but only a little, so she became Livvy. It took a while for me to bond with her because it turned out she had more issues than the shelter had told us about. For some months, I regretted getting her. I thought I had made our already challenging family situation even harder. But we had committed to looking after this dog and giving her a good home and a good life and it didn't even occur to us to go back on that. Eventually I grew to love this dog and realized that she really is a 'lovey' after all. She's brought so much love and a lot of laughs into our home. I can't imagine our life without her. She's much better behaved now (with some terrible moments at times - so stressful!) and she's almost down to her recommended weight. Yesterday, our 3 year adoption/rescue anniversary, we threw a little party in the park. There was cake (bone-shaped! mostly) and cookies and a scavenger hunt designed by our daughter, complete with costumes, props and a backstory. Livvy got a nice salmon chewy and lots of pats and scritches, and she even got to bark at her favourite three-legged dog. God help us we cannot get her to stop barking at that poor dog. We're going on a trip next week and it's my first flight since I had a panic attack on a plane to Hawaii 5 years ago. I feel ok about it, not super thrilled, but I was able to talk about it with friends and it felt good to share stories. All in all a really good day.

I still think maybe adopting a dog while we were still in the early grip of grief was not the wisest decision, but I also think figuring out how to love this dog pushed me to do some work on myself that I wonder if I would have done otherwise. Maybe she's a big part of the reason I feel like I can get on a plane next week, something I thought I would never do again if I could avoid it. I could actually still avoid it but I'm not. That seems pretty amazing to me.

I know I'm not allowed on the couch but JUST. LOOK. AT. ME.

Dignity. Always dignity.

Bizarrely, this giant dog has created more space in our home. We spend more time on the floor now than we used to. It's like having an extra room!

Fondant is fun to work with and gross to eat.

Toothy grin!

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