Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Honest Birth Announcement

Saw this on my flipboard today. Fortunately it's not about stillbirth. Just one of those stupid jokey cynical-chic parenting things. I know it's trendy and everything but since Toren died all I see is 'wah wah wah poor me I have a live healthy baby my life is so ruined now.' It's just not funny to me anymore, if it ever was. I'm not saying having kids is not hard, it's just my perspective on it has changed. I would love to be dealing with a 4 year old's whacked out needs, juggling a household of 4 (+ doggy) and sorting out sibling rivalries. It's hard for me to hear stuff that sounds close to people wishing their children away. I hate it actually. Death has changed how I hear and what I can listen to or read. Most of the time I do make an effort but some days, I guess like today, I just can't take it. 

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