Saturday, January 10, 2015

Third Birthday Photos

View from our townhouse in Ucluelet. First day was wet and rainy.

Next day was beautiful and sunny, with a big blue sky.

Birthday cake. I didn't bring supplies so we bought a box of cake mix and made icing from melted chocolate. Not the world's most amazing cake but totally fine for the circumstances. However next year I will be more prepared!

Cool thistle. Never thought I'd write those words.

There was some truly kooky seaweed on Big Beach in Ucluelet.

And some beautiful seaweed too.

We scattered dried flower petals in the ocean on his birthday.
These are petals from some of the flowers we have bought for him over the last 3 years.
Scattering flower petals

Nature's beauty was all around us.
Nature's relentless fierceness too - we felt the 4.6 magnitude earthquake that happened while we were there.

Locks along the Wild Pacific Trail.
There was a bench at this spot dedicated to a little boy who died just after his 2nd birthday.
Wild beastie running through the woods

I could have watched these crashing waves forever.

Building sand castles
Busy yet peaceful

Light streaming through

Fantastic care package waiting for us when we got back. Thank you Michelle & Jonathan! xo

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