Wednesday, July 09, 2014


Yesterday my daughter drew a picture of a happy face and a sad face with a check box beside each one, and instructed me to check the one I was feeling at that moment. I was feeling pretty good, the weather was nice, it was a good day. I was conscious of all the things I'm grateful for, so ignoring the sad undercurrent that's always present because Toren is missing out on all of this, I checked the happy face. She continued drawing and doing her other 5 year old little things while I watched. A while later she slid the drawing back towards me and said, "You can check both if you want." No other explanations or instructions, just that. She stood there patiently looking at me, not judging me, just waiting for my decision. I picked up the pen and checked off the sad face too.

Later that night, she drew a second picture. It was again one happy face and one sad face. Then she drew several check boxes around each one, "in case other people want to join in too." Peter was calling her to brush her teeth before bed, and before running off, she quickly drew a heart between them.

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