Monday, January 13, 2014


When you only meet someone because your babies both died, and that person becomes a dear friend and someone who is fun to be with, who understands you, who you trust and who you know trusts you, no effort whatsoever, how do you continue to think, "I wish I'd never met you"?

I've had the pleasure of meeting baby Anja's immediate family as well as some of her extended family. Impossible not to think of her every time I see any of them. She's just there, slotted in nicely between smart, smiley big sister and holy-cute baby brother. Yes I've seen her photo, her sweet little face and hands, but that's not it. I'm not a skilled enough writer to describe the magic of anyone's life force. She lived, and because she lived, she has had an impact on the people who love her and on the greater community. It's true of all of us. Although I didn't know her family before she was born, the fact that I can now love her and miss her is one of the wondrous things about life. I cherish it.

Somewhere, Anja and Toren are together. In my heart, and in the hearts of their families. Always.

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