Monday, October 14, 2013

What I Gave Birth To

A different perspective on parenting.

Compassion for people who have terrible things happen to them, then feel bad about feeling bad about it.

A clearer view of friendship.


A surprising appreciation of grief. (Hate it too.)

Dormant anger.

A greater interest in death, which I no longer think of as "morbid".

An alternative understanding of strength.

Impatience with people who think the best way to deal with difficult experiences & emotions is to suppress them.


The revelation that learning other people's stories, no matter how hard or sad, does not take anything away from me but rather, enriches my life.

Disgust of phony, pasted-on smiles.

Mistrust of those who think the ultimate goal in life is "happiness" at all costs, rather than acknowledging one's true feelings and trying to live as authentically as possible.

Sincere gratitude for the good things in my life.

The need to examine the difficult things that have happened in my life, rather than continue to suppress them and put up unhealthy coping walls.

Greater awareness of my own vulnerability. And everyone else's.

A commitment to be guided by my own story and my own experiences to combat the forces of self-doubt.

A stronger desire to help others.

My voice.

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