Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Happy Face Sad Face

Today I brought my daughter with me to pick up some supplies for this year's Awareness Walk. At the dollar store she wanted a balloon and decided on a happy face balloon since the rest were birthday balloons. Afterwards we went to meet a babyloss mama and her new baby at a café. There were lots of babies there, and most of them seemed to be boys. A little boy about Toren's age came up to play with the balloon but she didn't want him to. I don't push her on this. I asked her about it, she didn't say much so that was fine. She deserves as much respect as anyone else. The little boy's mother didn't seem too happy about this but I just couldn't care.

On the car ride home, she suddenly said "We should get a balloon with a happy face and a baby on one side, and a sad face and a baby on the other side."

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