Sunday, October 27, 2013


My daughter asked me what a ghost is. I told her, "When people talk about ghosts, they are really talking about memories." She didn't say anything. Just kept looking at me. So I told her that people make ghosts out to be scary, or funny, because sometimes, memories are hard, or sad, like when our baby died, and people don't want to remember them. But we need to remember. We need to hold on to the people we love who have died, even though it's sad. She seemed ok with that.

Last night we attended a beautiful event for All Souls Night at our cemetery. We lit a candle and burned some incense for Toren, wrote his name on a shrine, and decorated candles. There was music and singing, torches and lanterns everywhere. It was a  refreshing change from the usual Halloween fare which positions death and dead people as frightening or a source of laughs. I'm glad she's getting a balance between the usual fun for little kids, and having an opportunity to honour those who have died, remember their place in our lives, and treat their memory with reverence and respect.

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