Sunday, September 15, 2013

Piano Lessons

Toren's sister had her first ever piano lesson last week. The last time I was in that tiny room, I was the student, and Toren was with me. I had my last lesson a few weeks before he was born. I haven't played much piano since that time, but I am starting to play again, little by little. Being back in that room makes me sad, but I like it too because it reconnects me to that time, to the time before he died, to the time when he was here with us. I'm glad he had music in his life. I'm grateful to feel able to play again. But there will always be sadness and longing to go along with the present happiness and fun of watching her learn to play piano and develop an appreciation of music.

Grief, mystery, magic, music, love. It's a small room, but there's space for all of it.

Discovering the mystery & the magic of the piano

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  1. Reading this post moved me to tears. "I'm glad he had music in his life." I can relate! I thought about Maelle each time I sat down to play something, knowing she could hear the music and I loved feeling her move in response. I still think about her whenever I play. I'm so glad we could (and can) share this gift of music with our children. Love the picture of Toren's sister!