Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tell Your Story


  1. A Canadian friend pointed me here recently and I love this post. The impression I have received from many friends and colleagues is something along the lines of stillbirth being contagious and acknowledging my loss might make it more likely to happen to them.

    My son Theo died at 18 weeks gestation last November and I am very grateful to be in NZ where SANDS and NILMDTS were able to support us to make beautiful memories of our boy with our elder three children.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Yes there's this weird superstition or I'm not sure what it is where my poor child who had his life taken can somehow cause misfortune to others. It's sickening. All I heard were stories of babies being born alive and well, and yet my baby died so I guess it doesn't work the other way. If we can't save babies just by wishing, then we can't kill them by talking about babies who died. I wish people would switch their brains on.

      Thank you for sharing Theo's story. We met some Sands NZ people last year and they were awesome and continue to be a wonderful support from a distance.