Friday, May 03, 2013

Surfing & Stillbirth - A Grief Journey

I'm not a surfer but I love surfing. I think it started when I saw the movie Riding Giants. Since then, Pete has tried surfing when we've been to Hawaii and enjoyed it. I'm fascinated by it, both as a sport and an art form. The strength and balance required, and also the grace and beauty of it. It's like watching modern ballet on water.

This gorgeous video was made by an artist and surfer whose daughter was stillborn. It sounds like making this video, as well as surfing, have been outlets to express his grief, which he does so beautifully. In the video, we see him making a small surfboard "in memory of our daughter, Willow, who we will always long for in the deepest places of our souls." There is some great surfing footage and I can picture him teaching his little girl to surf. It would have been one of the many wonderful ways they would have spent time together, learning from each other. He can't do that, so he makes a surfboard in her honour instead. It can never be enough, it can never replace the loss of his beloved child, but it's beautiful nonetheless.

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