Sunday, May 19, 2013

BC Bereavement Day

Today we participated in BC Bereavement Day at our cemetery. We had signed up to plant "memory seeds" for Toren. We arrived early and laid flowers in the Infants Garden, as we are used to doing now whenever we go there. Our daughter picked wild buttercups from the lawn and created little bouquets to lay on some of the babies' stones. As she chose which stones to decorate, we read her the babies' names. When it was time to go plant our seeds, she picked a little bouquet for herself and we made our way to an area where the BC Helpline folks had set up a sign-in table and some banners. One banner was for the BC Victims of Homicide which has made a very deeply grooved place in my heart. We were given a "seed heart", a heart shaped piece of paper containing seeds (very cool!) on which I wrote Toren's name. We were also each given a black ribbon pin. All the seed hearts were planted together and we are looking forward to going back and seeing the flowers. (The lady from Kearney Funeral Services who was coordinating the event said if the flowers don't bloom, she will go back and plant some, whew!) Afterwards we watched as some of the participants released doves. The doves didn't seem too stressed out. What do I know. I hope they weren't. One of the things I liked best about the event is that no one tried to attach any particular meaning to any of the activities. People were given the freedom to make their own meaning from the loss of their loved one, or to simply participate in honour of someone they love who died. The rain held off and it ended up being a beautiful day. A lovely day to honour our baby.

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