Monday, April 22, 2013

Vancouver Sun Run 2013

It was a day of mixed weather and mixed emotions. We were inspired by our love for Toren. He was very present for us and we wanted to channel that energy towards raising awareness and funds to support families of stillborn babies. Not everybody at the run was ok with that. Maybe some part of me expected it, but I will never, ever get used to it. I had to take my shirt off for a short while because I became afraid, in a way, of people's ignorance. I didn't feel I could face it alone. And then I remembered - I am never alone. With that thought, and thanks to my dear friend, herself a bereaved aunt, I was able to put the shirt back on and hopefully it will help someone. I'm so grateful for continuing support, mainly from families carrying their own burden of grief. As a team, we went to so much effort to prepare for the race, put together a plan, coordinate and decorate our shirts, and solicit pledges, on top of all the work being done for the conference, that I couldn't let one ignorant person deter us.

Our daughter had a great time at the Mini Sun Run. I had no idea what she would make of 2.5K but she walked along happily with her little friend (and occasionally ran and dragged us moms behind like luggage (no wheels)!), oblivious to the cool weather and frozen attitudes. Our walk only lasted about 40 minutes so we hung out around the neighbourhood with our friends until it was time to cheer on Peter and the rest of the Still Life Canada team members as they neared the end of the course. It was the best feeling cheering on friends as they approached the finish line, especially knowing some of the experiences they had all been through to get to this point. Some were running, some were walking and some were pushing empty strollers with pictures of their babies. As they crossed the finish line, each one doubled back to meet us and when the final team members approached, we all joined them and crossed the finish line together (-ish!). It was a fun, amazing, beautiful experience. Pete did great on his first 10K. He finished in 1:01:29 and is feeling pretty good today physically. He posted on fb last night that he has "sore legs and an aching heart".

The tragic events at the Boston Marathon were never far from my mind all day yesterday. I woke up once in the night feeling fearful about bringing my child to the finish line to wait for her Daddy. Many participants were wearing blue and yellow, Boston's colours, so we were able to keep those families in our hearts but somehow forget about the fear. The magic of love.

Big thank you to everyone who donated. I haven't heard yet how much money we were able to raise but whatever the amount, we are very grateful. If you didn't get a chance to contribute but would like to, follow this link to the SLC site.

Pete's shirt on the left, mine on the right, and Toren's big sister's on the bottom

Wading through the crowd to reach our friends before the start of the kids Mini Sun Run

The kids finish line! No rush or anything.

Perfecting those bobsledding skills

Our family

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