Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Bringing my daughter to the library continues to be an emotional workout every time. When I was pregnant with Toren, we would take out books about how babies are born, as well as books about becoming a big sister. I steered clear of books that positioned baby siblings as a nuisance and figured if that became an issue, then we could take those books out as required. She was very excited about having a baby and would lift my shirt up and say to him, "We're going to the library now, baby!" I had the 'baby welcoming' day lined up in our calendar and we were going to bring Toren together to get his library card. Peter & I are both readers and our daughter loves reading so I don't think Toren could have avoided becoming a book-lover in this household.

Going to the library used to be a really fun thing for us to do together and we would go almost every week. I still enjoy going with her but I always think - what's it going to be this time? Painful books on the shelves? Judgemental looks because I'm not being friendly? Or simply sadness because I'm constantly reminded of the plans we made for him.

A trip to the library is no longer just a trip to the library.

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  1. What a beautiful blog. I am also from the west coast (Van and Vic) via London UK and now living in Switzerland where, sadly my youngest daughter died at 12 days old in April this year. Thank you for sharing your experience. If you have a spare minute please feel free to look at my blog