Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The other night I had a very vivid dream. I was driving along a country road, very overgrown along the sides with vegetation. Very green and leafy. Someone was driving behind me, a friend following in a car but I don't know who it was (or who it was supposed to be). I decided to try to go really fast. I wanted to test myself, to try to not be scared. In real life I'm usually a very controlled driver. I was at the top of a hill when I made the decision so I thought, perfect. I can go really fast from here. But when I started travelling down the hill, the car wouldn't speed up. I wasn't going super slow, just reasonable. A couple of cars were approaching up the hill towards me. One decided to pass the other. A blue expensive-looking car. He passed and got back into his lane just in time. He just missed me. I wasn't really afraid he would hit me, I just thought the timing worked out perfectly. Then I thought, if I had managed to get my speed up, we would have collided. So then I thought maybe I wouldn't try to go faster.

I got to a town. It was very quiet. No one around. I could hear birds singing. I can still remember the sound of the birds as I type this. The trees were bare of leaves except a few very green ones here and there. Maybe buds. Spring? It looked like it had just rained. It was peaceful. I wasn't frightened. No one appeared.

I wrote the above blog post this morning, and in the afternoon I saw this plaque.

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