Sunday, October 28, 2012

Universe 2000000000000000 Me 1

I bought some icloud storage thinking it would be a good way to back up my iphone but I couldn't get it to work. I did an online search and saw that it's not just me, it seems like it's not a great product. So I decided to get a refund. Somehow. This is the kind of thing that normally I ask Peter to do. And especially since Toren died, I just can't face this sort of thing. I think to myself, my baby died, do I also have to face an automated answering system?? And remind me to blog about how I "educated" a telephone marketer about compassion. LOUDLY. Anyway, I considered just letting the icloud thing slide and paying $20 for the convenience of being a total chump. I did read that icloud had deleted someone's entire contacts list on their phone, yikes. So this morning, I called. And I got the refund. And I kept my cool! Small victory against the universe.

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