Saturday, October 20, 2012


At the awareness walk, over 30 pairs of children's shoes were collected and will be donated to Crabtree Corner, an organization that helps families living in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada to improve the quality of their lives. Each pair has a tag attached with the name of a child in whose memory the shoes were donated. Each pair will be photographed, with its memory tag, and eventually, we hope to collect the stories of the people who donated and of the children they are honouring. We do this because stories are important, memories are important.

Friends and family also generously donated cash at the walk which, in true grassroots style, we collected in a plastic cookie container! Ok, obviously, we weren't 100% prepared that day. Over $400 was collected (we haven't gotten around to doing a final tally). Some of it will be used to pay for the food and the rest will be put back into the Good Works pot. Big giant thank you to those who donated and also to those who wanted to donate. We are not officially registered as a charity (having oodles of fun with paperwork and technology - don't ask) so we can't write tax receipts yet. 

In the next little while, I will write more about the work we are doing to support Canadian families whose babies have died. For now, more photos from the walk:


Love is in the air & in the leaves

Three Mothers

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