Monday, October 01, 2012

Early Morning Tears

Dear Toren,
It’s almost 9 months since you left us. Nine months since we headed out excitedly for the hospital, thinking we were going to finally meet you. So many things have happened since then. So many things have changed. We have changed. One thing that hasn’t changed and that will never change is our love for you. We always feel that, even through the sadness. Lola misses you too. She put your picture up on her wall with your cousins and big sister. She said she wanted all her grandchildren together. Mommy & Daddy are working hard to help other families like ours because of what you have taught us. We would rather have you here with us but since we can’t, this is one way that we can show our love for you. Big sister is sad that you can’t be with us. She would love to be a little mama to you. She talks about you and likes to see your picture. Everyone who cares about our family loves you and misses you and wishes you hadn’t died. Not everyone can talk about it but they feel it. Your life has touched theirs. We always try to remember that.

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