Monday, September 17, 2012

Things I have In Common with parents of two living children/Things that are Different

(Not exhaustive)
In Common
  • ·         Marvelling at how your heart expands to make room for that second child
  • ·         Taking pleasure in how similar my children looked at birth
  • ·         Nurturing a sibling relationship
  • ·         Trying desperately to juggle my divided attention between my two children
  • ·         Realizing how having a second child affects how you parent the first
  • ·         Two kids is more than twice the work!
  • ·         Keeping in check my desire to talk about both my children constantly
  • ·         Meeting other new moms to talk about our babies
  • ·         Being inspired by my children’s lives
  • ·         Being kept up at night by the new baby
  • ·         Being the mother of two children

  • ·         Nurturing a one-way sibling relationship
  • ·         No complaining about my kids
  • ·         Wondering what to do about all the toys and equipment she has outgrown
  • ·         Deciding in social situations whether or not to mention my baby
  • ·         Hosting a brunch only for families whose babies have died – & having a nice time!
  • ·         Dreading strangers asking me about my kids.
  • ·         Dreading strangers not asking me about my kids.
  • ·         Being inspired by my child’s death
  • ·         Dealing with a world that sees me as the mother of one child