Saturday, September 15, 2012

Busy Saturday

We went shopping today and found the perfect picture frame for Toren's pictures. Finally we can get them up on the wall. It's such a relief. The more I look at his photos, the more I feel like I could just reach in and pick him up. People unfamiliar with grief might think this is unhealthy but I know it's the opposite. It's the bonding I've been working towards. Hurts like hell but it's the only way.

Our daughter had her first ballet class today. Actually, second. The very first one was a few weeks after Toren was born. Being back there again today, in that same studio, with the same teacher, I felt pretty grim. A pregnant woman sat beside me, twice - once waiting for the class to start, and then again when we went into the studio to watch the kids. In that Other Life, we could have chatted. There was also a family there that we are acquainted with. The husband came over to say hi and chat. Afterwards Pete & I couldn't figure out if he didn't know about Toren, didn't remember or what. He's a nice guy - actually, Lachlan's former co-worker. I was cursing the thief who took my phone because I would have shown him Toren's picture and then we would know where he's at. I might have to carry an actual photo until I get my new phone. Too bad nobody seems to know when the iphone5 is coming out! I guess we will be seeing that family every Saturday at ballet class so there will be other opportunities. (Side note - it was actually their little boy who was taking ballet, not their daughter! V. cool. Go, Billy Elliot!)

Busy day today, parenting two kids...