Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At least I ate a good lunch

Went for lunch, purse stolen. Phone, wallet, car keys, house keys, gone.

I don't need this!


It's a few hours later and Peter is at the key cutting place getting new keys. I'm doing as much card replacement online as I can. I will have to go in to get a new driver's license. Care cards have already been renewed (mine + daughter's). The guy had already bought gas by the time we cancelled the credit card. My bike key was with my house keys so it's going to take some effort to liberate my bike from the bike room, ug.

My first thought when I realized my purse was stolen was this: at least my baby's ashes aren't in it. What the?? My mind jumped back a few months to when we picked up Toren's ashes. It was an extremely stressful day. I had been putting it off for weeks because I couldn't face it. I figured his ashes were safe at the funeral home. But then I started feeling guilty that we were neglecting him. On the day we decided to get them, I was a basket case trying to decide whether to let Peter go pick them up on his own or whether to go with him. Finally I decided to go with him and when we got to the funeral home - calmness. We were taking care of our baby. We were finally being good parents to him. I put the little box of ashes in my purse and we went for coffee. Often when we go for coffee, I reserve a table by leaving my purse at the table and going to order my coffee. I know - dumb! I didn't do it that day. I kept my purse very close indeed, almost as if I were carrying, well, a baby. So when my purse was stolen today, I was just grateful there was nothing truly precious in it.

One thing bothers me - when the jerk who has my phone turns it on, the first thing he will see is a picture of my beautiful baby. He doesn't deserve it.